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Job openings

Strengthen our team of professionals

A strong team of young and older professionals. Experienced artisans and studious workers, one by one passionate about their craft.

Welder / metalworker

As a construction bench worker or welder, you will be in charge of building structures, if installing them on site.

Sheet metal worker

As a sheet metal worker, you will take on any challenge and collaborate on various custom metal constructions.

Spontaneous job application

At Piet Andries, we are always looking for new talent.

Jong maar kwalitatief hoogstaand bedrijf met hoge kwaliteitsnormen. Hierdoor krijgen klanten een kwaliteitsproduct.

Eric Hoogveld
your partner for industrial applications

In need of a team of professionals?

Multidisciplinary team, all knowledge under one roof!

Far-reaching expertise and practical approach.

Fine cooperation with an enthusiastic attitude.

Years of industrial, petrochemical, construction and food experience.

Safety and efficiency are paramount.

Sustainable solutions with an eye for the highest efficiency.

Request quote

Fancy working with a team of enthusiastic professionals? Then don’t wait any longer to request a no-obligation quote. No challenge is too great for us.

The team

Are you passionate about welding and metal construction? Would you like to be part of a rock-solid team? If so, we would like to get to know you.