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The food industry sets the bar high in terms of hygiene, ambient temperature and humidity. This applies not only to the way of working, but also to the construction of parts and machinery. We make sure everything is compliant and that you can confidently count on a sophisticated solution.

Storage / bulk

Food storage is a delicate matter. Faulty construction can cause a mountain of problems. Our expertise does not allow for mistakes or miscalculations.


Food processing involves assembly lines, specialized rooms and separate structures. For each of these elements, we can provide the necessary services.

Piping & support

For each of these elements, we can provide the necessary services. This work often involves the calculation of pressure and weight, so only for professionals.


We build durable structures that can withstand all types of environmental conditions: low or high temperatures; dry or humid areas. We will, of course, observe the regulations during the work.
Metaalwerken voedingsindustrie
Achievements within the food industry

We’re loving it

See our projects within the food sector. These are often very extensive and critical processes that need to be optimized and maintained.

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