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Cookie Policy

1. Object

This Cookie Policy assumes BVBA Pa – Piet Andries, the legal entity responsible for the next website: ” ” (hereinafter referred to as the ” website “), with registered office at Singelken 20, 9980 Sint-Laureins, België and enrolled in the Crossroads Bank of Companies under number: BE 0538.981.587.

BVBA Pa – Piet Andries (hereinafter referred to as ” we “, ” our ” or ” us “) makes every effort to make you provide an optimal (user) experience and wishes to gain your trust in this context by providing necessary information regarding the policy on the use and storage of cookies.

2. What is a cookie?

A cookie is a small text file, stored on your computer’s hard drive or cell phone and issued by the server of the website you are visiting.

A cookie contains a unique code that gives its issuer the ability to use the involved device (computer or cell phone) to recognize each time the website is visited.

A cookie identifies your device’s browser, but never you personally. In addition, a server access only the cookies it has placed itself, without accessing be able to provide access to any other information on the device’s hard drive.

Cookies may be set by the server of the website you are visiting, called ” original cookies “, or by partners with which the website works ” third-party cookies “.

3. Validity period of a cookie

Certain cookies expire when you close your browser, called ” session cookies “. Other remain stored on the device longer, some even until you delete them manually, called ” permanent cookies “.

In general, cookies have a validity period that is limited in time. The most common validity period is 30 days and the maximum duration is 13 months from the day the cookie was stored on the device.

4. General purposes of cookies

The first objective is to ensure an efficient and fast Internet experience (e.g. by means of cookies that save language choices, save login information, etc.). Cookies remember your preferences and thus facilitate access to the website.

They also allow us to understand how you use the website.

Moreover, they allow for customized content and advertising messages. offer. Thus, the website is customized to your needs and preferences.

5. Cookie management

In order to store certain cookies on your device, prior consent must be obtained are obtained. It is obtained through the bar on the home page of the website.

In addition, most browsers use cookies. You can delete it or the refuse its use, at any time and free of charge by changing the browser settings. change. Please consult the following links for this purpose :

Firefox : Chrome :

Safari : Internet Explorer : cookies

Door het gebruik van cookies te weigeren, hebt u nog steeds toegang tot onze website, maar kunnen bepaalde functionaliteiten worden beperkt of onmogelijk worden gemaakt.

  1. Types of cookies
  2. Technical cookies

These cookies store only your IP address and enable the following:

To visit the pages of the website and use its functionalities To fill out forms

Checking your identity when entering your information

Checking your identity when entering your information

These cookies do not require your consent, as they provide you with access to the website.

6. Functional cookies

These cookies allow to activate specific functions of the website in order to improve the user friendliness and experience of the user, especially considering that the cookies remember the user’s preferences (for example, the language).

These cookies enable the following:

Offering customized services (language, preferences, etc.)

Save choices from previous visits

Gathering information from online forms

Create statistics

To analyze the use of the website

Like technical cookies, these are used to enhance your experience and their use does not require consent.

  1. Advertising cookiesstrong,
    These cookies track your Internet habits and allow us to tailor our website’s marketing content to your interests.On this basis, we can track the effectiveness of advertising campaigns, by looking in particular at the steps you take after clicking on an advertisement. In addition, based on localization data, we can make offers based on you location.These cookies also allow us to send you targeted advertising by linking it to the website you visited.The information we collect and share only allows us to identify your device.Your consent is required to use these cookies. It is requested when you first visit our website.
  2. Analytical cookies
    These cookies are used to track how you use our website. This allows us to track the number of visitors page by page and improve them if necessary.These also allow us to improve the ergonomics of the website and optimize your experience.The data collected are completely anonymous.Op deze manier kunnen we het aantal bezoekers pagina per pagina nagaan en deze indien nodig verbeteren.Deze laten ons bovendien toe de ergonomie van de website te verbeteren en uw ervaring te optimaliseren.De verzamelde gegevens zijn volledig anoniem. Thus, these cookies do not require consent.
  3. Social media cookiesstrong,
    Thus, these cookies do not require consent. When you share things, a third-party cookie is stored on your device and if you are logged into the social medium, it is added to your profile.It is advisable to check the scope of this for each social network. These cookies also require your consent.





4. Cookies originating from third parties

These cookies were placed on our website by third parties and then placed on your device stored. We have no control over this. So for more information you should visit the websites of the agencies from which the cookies originate.

7. Your rights regarding the processing of your personal data.

Cookies that process personal data are subject to the relevant regulations. You therefore have certain rights in this regard (right to inspect, correct, withdraw consent, etc.).

We refer you to our privacy policy in this regard /privacy policy.

8. Contact

Singelken 20, 9980 Sint-Laureins, België

1. Changes

We reserve the right to change this cookie policy at any time. The changes can be viewed on our website.

2. Applicable law and competent jurisdiction

This cookie policy is governed by Belgian law.

Any dispute over this policy will be governed by the Belgian courts.

This version of the cookie policy is in effect and was last updated on 25/08/22.