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years of experience with technical expertise


Several companies in the construction industry call on Piet Andries’ expertise. Combining years of experience with technical expertise makes us the ideal partner in developing solutions in the field of metal construction. These include not only balustrades, gates and banisters, but also sophisticated custom metal structures.

Semi-finished products

Machines that are part of a larger whole. We make sure everything goes according to plan and is put together. Our expertise allows us to take on the most complex assignments.


We ensure that machine parts fit seamlessly into other structures. From large pieces to millimeter work, the team at Piet Andries makes sure the machine is running!

Saw works

Sawing steel is a skill in itself. If it needs to be done cleanly, leave it to a professional. We have the skills to do this quickly and thoroughly.

Laser cutting of steel

We have the resources and expertise for cutting steel via laser technology. In addition to cutting, lasers can also be used for engraving and welding parts and tubes.
Constructie van machinebouw en engineering
Realisations of constructions

You can rely on us

The fascinating world of constructions holds no secrets for us. Draw, calculate, build and test, with brilliant results!

Check out our realisation at D-Lux
your partner for industrial applications

In need of a team of professionals?

Multidisciplinary team, all knowledge under one roof!

Far-reaching expertise and practical approach.

Fine cooperation with an enthusiastic attitude.

Years of industrial, petrochemical, construction and food experience.

Safety and efficiency are paramount.

Sustainable solutions with an eye for the highest efficiency.

ironclad in welding

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